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Western Blot protocol 

Making the gel 1. Use alcohol and Kimwipes to wipe the glass, and then set up the rest of the apparatus 2. For small proteins, use a higher percentage gel 2. Add all ingredients except ammonium persulfate; before adding ammonium persulfate, if the weather is cold in the room, you may wash the solution with…

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Western Blotting Protocol (1)

General Western Blot Protocol General Western Blot Protocol 1. Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and blotting a. Add an appropriate amount of electrophoresis sample buffer (1X = 125mM …   Western Blotting Protocol Western Blotting and Immunostaining Protocol. Wash XCell box, blotting module and trays with soap and water before proceeding. Reagents:. Transfer buffer ……

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