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5 female hottest celebrities in South Korea

Sorting out a list of top female celebrities is relatively easy for ardent Korean Wave fans who keep tabs on their favorite stars. For non-experts, not many lists offer a guide into who is winning the most hearts in South Korea. Here is The Korea Herald’s list of the hottest celebrities out there. Bae Suzy Bae…

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5 Top Male Stars in South Korea

1. Kim Soo-hyun Debuting in 2007 through the MBC TV sitcom “Kimchi Cheese Smile,” the 26-year-old actor had not gotten much spotlight after that although he has appeared in more than five movies and TV series as supporting roles since then. In 2012, Kim hit the jackpot with MBC historical drama “Moon Embracing the Sun,”…

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South Korea showed off a missile that could kill Kim Jong Un

After North Korea conducted its most successful-ever test of an intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday, the US and South Korea responded the way they always do — with a massive display of force. South Korea displayed a particularly interesting capability with a domestically-designed Hyunmoo-II missile launch that penetrated deep into an underground bunker and vaporized…

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