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With Inoutscripts Search Engine: we were all being cheated

I have purchased InOutScripts search engine for my new project and have to say, their support is terrible, their software does not work and I have been scammed once again by people who just take money for nothing. They claim that it uses FREE APIs, NONE OF THE APIS ARE FREE, unless you limit your website users to allow…

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Get high quality images from shensor search

Shensor Search is a multiple language search engine, with which you can get results with your own language. You can get real time news happened on earth. You can get high quality pictures by Shensor Search, You can get high quality videos selectively by Shensor Search. You can get any information online at your…

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Elastic Search Clients

Perl See the {client}/perl-api/current/index.html[official Elasticsearch Perl client]. Python See the {client}/python-api/current/index.html[official Elasticsearch Python client]. pyelasticsearch: Python client. ESClient: A lightweight and easy to use Python client for Elasticsearch. rawes: Python low level client. elasticutils: A friendly chainable Elasticsearch interface for Python. Surfiki Refine: Python Map-Reduce engine targeting Elasticsearch indices. pyes: Python client. Ruby See the…

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Larbin: Multi-purpose web crawler

Introduction Larbin is a web crawler (also called (web) robot, spider, scooter…). It is intended to fetch a large number of web pages to fill the database of a search engine. With a network fast enough, Larbin should be able to fetch more than 100 millions pages on a standard PC. Larbin is (just) a…

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