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Real Time PCR Protocols

Real Time PCR vs. Traditional PCR Real Time PCR: A must read material Principal of Real Time PCR (60 slideshows) Applied Biosystems Real-Time PCR Rapid Assay Development Guidelines Description Protocol 1. Quantitative Real Time PCR, a Practical Tutorial Protocol 2. Real time quantitative RT-PCR (Taqman) Protocol 3. TAQurate? GREEN Real-Time PCR MasterMix Real-time PCR complete solutions Protocol 4. Real…

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PCR Protocol

PCR(Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a basic biological technique which amplify double strain DNA by magnitudes. Preparation Thermal cycler(also called PCR machine, DNA amplifier), PCR tubes(200μl capacity), DNA polymerase, dNTP, DNA templates, DNA primers. PCR Protocol 1.Mix the DNA polymerase, dNTP, DNA templates and DNA primers in a clean PCR tube. Then put the tube in…

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