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Standard FACS protocol

MIT Synthetic Biology Working Group Standardized FACS Protocol Draft 1 – 9/20/04 This protocol sets out to standardize the components of a FACS experiment necessary to allow repeatable and comparable results. The output of these experiments is typically fluorescence from a genetic regulatory network. Media and Glassware Provisionally, supplemented M9 media will be used for…

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Cell Cycle Analysis by PI Staining/FACS

Protocol 1. Fixation 1) Collect 1 X 106 cells after proper treatment. 2) Pellet cells by spinning at 2,000 rpm, 4C for 5 minutes. 3) Resuspend cell pellet in 1 ml of cold FCM buffer (5mM EDTA in 1xPBS) . 4) Fix cells by adding 1 ml of -20C absolute ethanol. 5) Store cells at -20C in…

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