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DNA and Technology

DNA and molecular biology has advanced by leaps and bounds. It has found use in pharmacology, genetic engineering in disease prevention, in increasing agricultural growth, in detection of disease and crime (forensics) etc. Some fields that have shown remarkable growth due to advances in DNA technology include: forensics bioinformatics pharmacology and nanotechnology archaeology and anthropometry…

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Isolating DNA fragments

Materials: 0.8 % agarose gel in 1x TAE Digested DNA Glass Milk NaI solution New Wash Procedure: 1) Run digested DNA out on agarose gel slowly (70 V on BioRad gel) 2) Use long wave UV lamp to visualize bands. Cut out band with scalpel. Cut smallest possible piece. 3) Put gel slice in an…

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Degrade DNA to Get Deoxyribose for GC/MS Analysis

Dissolve 100ug DNA in 200ul distilled water. Add MgCL2 and sodium acetate to the final concentration of 15mM and 10mM, respectively. Incubate with 2 units DNAse I at room temperature for 15 minutes. Add ammonium bicarbonate to the final concentration of 100mM, and then incubate with 2mU            phosphodiesterase at 37oC in water bath for 2 hours. Add…

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Researchers map key protein in DNA repair with near-atomic resolution

Chinese researchers have determined the near-atomic structure of a protein crucial for repairing damaged DNA, an advance that may shed light on novel effective cancer therapies. Cells in our body continuously replicate to repair and replace damaged tissue, and each division requires a reprinting of the cell’s DNA. As the DNA duplicates, errors inevitably occur,…

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