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Facebook bans ads tied to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies

Facebook Inc is banning ads on its social network that promote cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings and binary options, saying they’re ‘frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices.’ The policy will be ‘intentionally broad’ while Facebook works to understand which ads are deceptive or misleading, from companies ‘not currently operating in good faith,’ the company said…

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Is Bitcoin the New Money or not?

For thousands of years, governments have been issuing currencies as an accounting system. Everything is regulated to ensure strict adherence to financial rules that keep the world in one piece. Then, in 2008, in the heat of the global financial meltdown, some guy invented and published bitcoin, and the world will never remain the same again.…

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In the cryptocurrency market, psychology factors

Determining why prices for stocks, bonds and commodities rise and fall often comes down to a matter of supply and demand. But with cryptocurrencies, a new and often volatile market dogged by allegations of illegal manipulation, market psychology can easily outweigh basic economic rules. Prices for the most popular tokens including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin…

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