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  • Ai Shangzhen(艾尚真), a Chinese female artist, was born in Chongqing, China in 1988, graduated from Wuhan University, now lives in Guangdong, china. Ai Shangzhen with beautiful shape and proud of the height of the m […]

  • Melania Trump became the 45th First Lady of the United States on January 20, 2017 at age 46. She was born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia on April 25, 1970 and is currently 47 years old. Mrs. Trump has been married to […]

  • 40th First Lady Nancy Reagan

    Nancy Reagan became the 40th First Lady of the United States on January 20, 1981 at age 59. She was born in New York City, New York on July 6, 1921 and died on March 6, 2016 at age 94. Mrs. Reagan was married to President Ronald Reagan for 64 years and had two children with him, Patricia Ann Reagan and Ronald Prescott Reagan.

  • The Most Intelligent Presidents in U.S. History
    #1.John Quincy Adams
    IQ: 168.8
    College: Harvard University

    Like his father, John Quincy Adams was an esteemed lawyer and a formidable presence in court (he earned a law degree from Harvard). He was also a brilliant statesman, negotiating several key international treaties. Remarkably, Adams was…[Read more]

  • Trump administration announces ‘one of the biggest tax cuts in American history’
    Gary Cohen praising the proposed tax reduction done by the Trump administration said, “This tax reform package is about economic growth and creating jobs”.

    The Trump administration on Thursday reduced the tax rates both in the business and individual categories, dec…[Read more]

  • The United Nations warned the Trump administration earlier this year that repealing ObamaCare without providing an adequate replacement would be a violation of multiple international laws, according to a new report.

    Though the Trump administration is likely to ignore the U.N. warning, The Washington Post reported the Office of the U.N. High…[Read more]

  • The sperm is the smallest cell in human biology, but also one of the most complex. The egg meanwhile is the largest cell and similarly intricate. Looking further out into the natural world, the diversity of these sex cells, or gametes, is truly remarkable.
    Most species have two gametes, which we term male and female.
    “Gametes have two fundamental…[Read more]

  • On 13 April the US dropped one of its largest non-nuclear bombs on a tunnel complex used by so-called Islamic State militants in eastern Afghanistan. It was the first time such a weapon had been used in battle.
    The BBC’s Auliya Atrafi has been to the area to see if it really had any impact in the battle against IS.
    The view from the hills…[Read more]

  • The US is to tighten sanctions on North Korea and step up diplomatic moves aimed at pressuring the country to end its nuclear and missile programmes.
    President Donald Trump’s strategy was announced after a special briefing for all 100 US senators.
    Earlier, the top US commander in the Pacific defended the deployment of an advanced missile defence…[Read more]

  • President Xi Jinping has called for concrete efforts to maintain China’s financial security.
    Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, made the remarks Tuesday afternoon at a group study attended by members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.
    Financial security is an important part of…[Read more]

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    Secrets of long life span

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    Gold and currency

  • Causes of colon cancer

    Greater than 75–95% of colorectal cancer occurs in people with little or no genetic risk. Risk factors include older age, male gender, high intake of fat, alcohol, red meat, processed meats, obesity, smoking, and a lack of physical exercise. Approximately 10% of cases are linked to insufficient activity. The risk from a…[Read more]

  • Small-cell lung carcinoma

    In small-cell lung carcinoma (SCLC), the cells contain dense neurosecretory granules (vesicles containing neuroendocrine hormones), which give this tumor an endocrine/paraneoplastic syndrome association. Most cases arise in the larger airways (primary and secondary bronchi). Sixty to seventy percent have extensive…[Read more]

  • Screening for Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer screening refers to testing otherwise-healthy women for breast cancer in an attempt to achieve an earlier diagnosis under the assumption that early detection will improve outcomes. A number of screening tests have been employed including clinical and self breast exams, mammography, genetic screening,…[Read more]

  • 中国国防科工局总工程师、国家航天局秘书长田玉龙4月24日在西安透露,中国正在与欧空局等探讨合作开展月球国际村的建设。除了探月,中国还初步计划在2030年前实现火星探测取样返回。


    同时田玉龙表示,下一步中国航天发展将打造更安全、可靠、经济的新型飞行器,让人类更方便快捷地进入太空。为实现这一目标,中国…[Read more]

  • 互联网的出现已经急剧地改变了人类生存和发展的环境。互联网提供多样的选择性和可能性,但同时也带来那么多的不确定性,甚至恐惧感。互联网会引领人类走向光明,还是诱惑人类陷入黑暗?对很多人来说,这已是个非常现实的问题。


    尤其是社交媒体使得传统的信息控制成为不可能,一旦掌握了信息,信息便是权力和力量,人们要不用互联网脱离贫穷甚至发财致富,要不用互联网参与政治,甚至推翻他们所不喜欢和不能接…[Read more]

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