A Simplified Method for Mitochondrial DNA Extraction from Head Hair Shafts Featured

ABSTRACT: DNA isolation from hair shafts can involve a number of steps, each of which adds time to the procedure and increases the risk of contamination. A simple alkaline digestion procedure that directly dissolves hairs was developed and compared with a widely used glass grinding/organic extraction method, using samples collected from 30 volunteers with varying population ancestries, hair colors, and hair treatments. A 203 bp mtDNA product could be amplified from 90% of samples extracted by alkaline digestion and 73% of hairs extracted by glass grinding. DNA obtained from alkaline digested hair generated equal or greater amplification success for virtually all criteria examined, and mtDNA sequences matched buccal control sequences in all cases. The two methods were similar in DNA yield (amplification success at template dilution) and quality of DNA obtained (amplicon length). Alkaline digestion of hair shafts required 6–7 h to complete, compared to 22–24 h for glass grinding, and proved a less laborious yet equally robust method for mtDNA extraction. KEYWORDS: forensic science, DNA typing, mitochondrial DNA, alkaline digestion, sodium hydroxide, glass grinding

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Fascinating 10 facts about fungi

  1. Fungi are in a kingdom of their own but are closer to animals than plants
  2. They have chemicals in their cell walls shared with lobsters and crabs
  3. A fungus has been discovered capable of breaking down plastics in weeks rather than years
  4. There is evidence to suggest that yeasts – a type of fungus – were being used to produce the alcoholic drink mead as long ago as 9,000 years ago
  5. At least 350 species are consumed as foods including truffles, which can sell for thousands of dollars a piece, quorn, and those in marmite and cheese
  6. Plastic car parts, synthetic rubber and lego are made using itaconic acid derived from a fungus
  7. 216 species of fungi are thought to be hallucinogenic
  8. Fungi are being used to turn crop waste into bioethanol
  9. Products made from fungi can be used as replacements for polystyrene foam, leather and building materials
  10. DNA studies show that there are thousands of different fungi in a single sample of soil, many of which are unknown and hidden – so-called “dark taxa”

Speed up your smartphone

Most of us already know about cluttered desktops, but what about smartphones? Our phones are essentially handheld computers, and when they overflow with useless information, their operations can also slow down. These aren’t necessarily apps, but overburdened call logs, search history, and saved texts.

For Android users, there’s 1Tap Cleaner, an app that earns its name. The app gathers that data in one place, letting you decide what to keep. Most of us are surprised by how many outdated messages and URLs get archived, a data stream that we will probably never refer to again. Then again, you do want to make sure irreplaceable bits (landmark texts, unsaved photos) survive the deep clean.

iPhones don’t have an equivalent app to 1Tap Cleaner, so you’ll have to remove the surplus manually. Luckily, iPhone makes it pretty easy.

Clean up your browser

Cookies are like the gunk in your roof gutters: you can’t see them, but they’re there, clogging everything up and keeping your computer from running fluidly. The same goes for download history.

A free program called CCleaner helps you sort out the cookies and archives you don’t really need. When you download the app, you can focus on a specific browser that you would like to clean up. CCleaner analyzes its backlog of information and lists the data that seems unnecessary.

Inoutscripts / Nesote has been spamming, scamming and lying

What are the wrongdoings of  Inoutscripts / Nesote?

Spamming: They have published thousands of advertising and overstated articles at their domains and social media to induce to purchase their fake softwares.

Scamming: The Inout Scripts are full of bugs and errors,a nd none of them are working. These scripts even caused the failure of servers. I purchased 4 Inout Apps, but they gave me nothing. They never fixed any bugs.

Stealing: I paid them $480 to integrate the Nutch with the Inout Search, since the Inout Spider did not work, but they did not get it done. They even ironically said it was wrong with the Apache Nutch.

Lying: They always blamed the servers whichever you used, even the servers meet all the requirements they sent me before purchasing. I tried 11 Inout Scripts with our own very advanced Dell servers, godaddy hosting, bluehost hosting, and hostmonster, but no script was working properly. The Inout Scripts sometimes produced a ton of core files (error log) and occupied all the disk in no time, and finally caused the failure of the servers.

Lazy: The tech supporters, Nair and Saranya, always said I was on vacation or holidays. They developers always said I was too busy to serve you right now. It took 2 months to integrate Nutch with the Inout Search Engine, and finally I got nothing working.

They never refund you, once you paid them. Don’t buy any scripts from Inoutscripts / Nesote to avoid loss. This was my own experience with this terrible Indian scamming company, Inoutscripts / Nesote.

Investors betting against made money after the boss being accused of sexual misconduct short sellers — or investors betting on the company’s stock to fall — made millions last week after CEO Liu Qiangdong was detained in the US over a sexual-misconduct allegation.

Following the news that Liu was arrested over a rape allegation in Minneapolis over Labor Day weekend,’s stock dropped 14% last week. That generated mark-to-market profits of $153 million for short sellers, according to data from financial analytics firm S3 Partners.

“Short sellers have been selling into’s price weakness since mid-July with 7 million new shares shorted since July 15, up 23%,” Ihor Dusaniwsky, managing director of predictive analytics at S3, said in an email.

Overall, short sellers have made $392 million in mark-to-market profits since January, most of which occurred during the second half of the year, Dusaniwsky added. S3 data shows is now the seventh-largest short in the Hong Kong/China region, with $1.03 billion of short interest.

Last month,, the second-largest Chinese e-commerce company after Alibaba, posted a loss of $0.23 per share on revenue of $18.5 billion. Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg were expecting a $0.12 per share gain on revenue of $19.31 billion.

Shares of are down 38% this year.




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