A Simplified Method for Mitochondrial DNA Extraction from Head Hair Shafts Featured

ABSTRACT: DNA isolation from hair shafts can involve a number of steps, each of which adds time to the procedure and increases the risk of contamination. A simple alkaline digestion procedure that directly dissolves hairs was developed and compared with a widely used glass grinding/organic extraction method, using samples collected from 30 volunteers with varying population ancestries, hair colors, and hair treatments. A 203 bp mtDNA product could be amplified from 90% of samples extracted by alkaline digestion and 73% of hairs extracted by glass grinding. DNA obtained from alkaline digested hair generated equal or greater amplification success for virtually all criteria examined, and mtDNA sequences matched buccal control sequences in all cases. The two methods were similar in DNA yield (amplification success at template dilution) and quality of DNA obtained (amplicon length). Alkaline digestion of hair shafts required 6–7 h to complete, compared to 22–24 h for glass grinding, and proved a less laborious yet equally robust method for mtDNA extraction. KEYWORDS: forensic science, DNA typing, mitochondrial DNA, alkaline digestion, sodium hydroxide, glass grinding

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Questions and Answers of Inoutscripts / Nesote Technologies

Q: Is Inoutscripts / Nesote Technologies a spammer?

A: Yes, they published thousands of hundreds ads, reviews, and posts all around the internet with false contents to induce amateurs to purchase so called Inout Scripts.


Q: Are the Inout Scripts scamming softwares?

A: Yes, Inoutscripts are faked scripts, which are full of bugs. I purchased 13 of them with all the addons, but none of them are working. Some of the softwares even can cause the down of servers and the whole network.


Q: Who is the head of the Inoutscripts / Nesote?

A: The scammers are led by a man named Marian Jacob. They are a group of  terrible scammers and thieves based in Kerala India.


Q: Will they refund once the scripts, once the softwares don’t work properly?

A: They will never refund wharever happen to the scripts, once you pay them. Warning: Don’t buy any thing from Inoutscripts / Nesote to avoid loss of USD.


Q: How about their tech support?

A: They never troubleshoot and fixed the errors in time, since they don’t have any professional developers at all. The support online did not solve any problems since they know how lousy their scripts are. They just blame your servers and network, whichever servers you have.


I tried the Inout Scripts with bluehost, hostmonster, godaddy and my own advanced servers, but none of the scripts were working. In addition, the servers and websites were hacked frequently due to these Inout Scripts.


Q: How about the customization of Inoutscripts / Nesote Technologies?

A: Actually, they don’t have professional codists at all. They just add some pre-made plugins or modules once you pay them. Unfortunately, none of these addons are working properly according to the experience myself.


They even took 2 months to hand over the customization charging me $480, but it did not work.


Q: How about the ios and android APPs of Inoutscripts / Nesote?

A: They list a lot of APPs online. I purchased 4 of them, but I did not get any of them up to now. They did not refund me till today, 3 years after payment.


Q: How about the personality of the team?

A: The head Marian Jacob, as well as the staff Kumar, Nair and Saranya, are dishonest guys. They are the axis of devil in the IT world.


Q: Did you sue them to the Paypal?

A: Yes, I did file disputes to the Paypal. The Paypal did not refund me since they said the scripts were not physical items. Paypal does not insure for products of softwares.


Q: Do you have a plan to file a lawsuit?

A: Yes, we’ll. Please contact me, if you are a victim of Inoutscripts / Nesote. Let’s work together to bring these bad guys to justice together.


What’s impeachment and how does it work in USA?

What is impeachment, anyway?

Impeachment does not guarantee removal from office, but it is a serious situation for the president (or other high government official) to find themselves in, and it is the first step toward removal from office.

Technically speaking, impeachment is a formal charge of misconduct levied against a public official by Congress. It is not in any way a verdict or finding of criminality in and of itself. A majority of the House can vote to impeach the president.

How does impeachment work?

In the United States, the House of Representatives has the sole right to initiate impeachment charges against a high official in government.

The process begins with an independent investigation — this could come from the Department of Justice, from Congress itself, or from an appointed special council — which findings for the basis of charges. That evidence is then handed over to the House Judiciary Committee, which reviews evidence and writes up the Articles of Impeachment.

After debate in the House, the legislative body will vote on the Articles of Impeachment. If a simple majority votes in favour of impeachment then the president is considered impeached.

US actress Selma Blair has revealed she has multiple sclerosis (MS)

The 46-year-old Cruel Intentions star said she was diagnosed in August but has had symptoms for years.

“I am disabled. I fall sometimes. I drop things,” she wrote, calling the news “overwhelming in the beginning”.

Multiple sclerosis is an incurable condition affecting the brain or spinal cord, causing vision, balance and muscle problems.

According to the UK’s NHS, it is two to three times more likely in women than men, and is usually diagnosed in people in their 20s and 30s.

The cause of the condition is still unknown.

Blair is set to appear in the Netflix programme Another Life, and said the “profound” help she received from costume designer Allisa Swanson had inspired her to come forward with the story.

In her post she said she was “in the thick of it” but hoped to give hope to others by talking about the condition.

US Law Professors Sign Letter in Opposition to Kavanaugh’s Nomination

More than 650 law professors from colleges and universities across the country signed their names to a letter to the senate arguing that senators should not vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“We are law professors who teach, research and write about the judicial institutions of this country,” stated the letter, which was published in the New York Times opinion section on Wednesday night. “We regret that we feel compelled to write to you, our Senators, to provide our views that at the Senate hearings on Sept. 27, Judge Brett Kavanaugh displayed a lack of judicial temperament that would be disqualifying for any court, and certainly for elevation to the highest court of this land.”

The letter did not address Kavanaugh’s stances as a judge, such as his history with abortion issues and reproductive health, nor did the letter directly deal with the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him. Rather, the signed letter doubted Kavanaugh’s ability to serve on the court as an impartial judge – based on his behavior during last week’s senate hearing.

“Instead of being open to the necessary search for accuracy, Judge Kavanaugh was repeatedly aggressive with questioners,” read the letter. “Even in his prepared remarks, Judge Kavanaugh described the hearing as partisan, referring to it as “a calculated and orchestrated political hit,” rather than acknowledging the need for the Senate, faced with new information, to try to understand what had transpired.”

The letter, which was signed by law professors from institutions like New York University, Harvard, Arizona State University, University of Wisconsin, and hundreds of others, was published two days before Senators plan to hold a floor vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The FBI is currently investigating an allegation of sexual assault made by Christine Blasey Ford from when Ford and Kavanaugh were in high school during the 1980s.

Cometchat / Inscripts is full of bugs and has no support at all

I purchased Cometchat plugin and its related APPs, SDK and Desktop Messenger after reading the instruction and description of its features, and my nightmare began. The plugin was not only failing to work properly, but caused the slowness of the whole site.  The chat could work only among the 4 sample users, and you could not add new users to a contact list. There are totally 38 warnings and errors with the Cometchat.

I contacted the support and the guy named Salam answered my ticket a couple weeks later promising to let their developers to fix it. They did nothing to solve the bugs during the whole licensed year, then they asked me for more money to extend the license and much more $$$ to move my self hosting to their cloud hosting. Yes, this terrible scamming group based in India just care about money only.

What is more that they never ever game the right APPs packaged, never ever game the active SDK and Desktop Messenger.

They ever did not fix the dozens of bugs, but refused to refund me. They overstated the features of the Cometchat features to induce customer to buy, and took the cash and left nothing working. Don’t buy this terrible scamming plugin to avoid loss!!!

CometChat / Inscripts is full of bugs and has no tech support



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