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Migration Assay on Endothelial Cells (ECs)

ECs, fed 24 hrs before experiment, 70-80% confluent at time of experiment . Transwells (8um, 6.5 mm, polycarbonate, Costar, cat #3422), coated on lowerside with 10 ug/ml fibronectin or vitronectin or other matrix in PBS (50 ul per well), overnight at 4oC or until dried (~2 hrs) in tissue culture hood. Control is coated with 0.5% fatty acids free…

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Isopropanol precipitation of DNA

Alcohol precipitation is commonly used for concentrating, desalting, and recovering nucleic acids. Precipitation is mediated by high concentrations of salt and the addition of either isopropanol or ethanol. Since less alcohol is required for isopropanol precipitation, this is the preferred method for precipitating DNA from large volumes. In addition, isopropanol precipitation can be performed at…

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US First Lady Melania Trump

Melania Trump became the 45th First Lady of the United States on January 20, 2017 at age 46. She was born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia on April 25, 1970 and is currently 47 years old. Mrs. Trump has been married to President Donald Trump for 12 years and has one child with him, Barron. Melania Trump (born Melanija Knavs,…

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United States presidential election, 1880

The United States presidential election of 1880 was a contest between Republican James A. Garfield and Democrat Winfield Scott Hancock in which the Republican Garfield prevailed. At the Republican convention, supporters of Ulysses S. Grant James G. Blaine, and John Sherman deadlocked for thirty-six rounds of voting before settling on Garfield as the nominee. At the Democratic convention, Hancock fended off challenges by Thomas F. Bayard, Samuel J. Randall, and Henry B.…

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Ligase Independent Cloning (LIC)

Ligase independent cloning (LIC) is a simple, fast and relatively cheap method to produce expression constructs. It makes use of the 3′–> 5′-activity of T4 DNA polymerase to create very specific 10-15 base single overhangs in the expression vector. PCR products with complementary overhangs are created by building appropriate extensions into the primers and treating…

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