4 Tricks to Make More Money with Restaurants

We all love going out to eat to enjoy good food and wine with our friends and family.  But when you go to a large chain restaurant, keep in mind that it’s a business and their aim is to boost the bottom line at the same time they’re creating an enjoyable evening out for you.…

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MicroRNA and siRNA Cloning Method

1. Oligo Design 2. ImpA Synthesis 3. Synthesizing Oligos 4. Oligonucleotide Adenylation 5. Small RNA Purification 6. 3′ Adaptor Ligation 7. 5′ Adaptor Ligation 8. RT-PCR 9. Concatamerization 10. Cloning into Topo vector 11. Screen and Sequence…

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A protocol for designing siRNAs with high functionality and specificity

Effective gene silencing by the RNA interference (RNAi) pathway requires a comprehensive understanding of the elements that influence small interfering RNA (siRNA) functionality and specificity. These include (i) sequence space restrictions that define the boundaries of siRNA targeting, (ii) structural and sequence features required for efficient siRNA performance, (iii) mechanisms that underlie nonspecific gene modulation…

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New brain network identified for social interactions

Understanding social interactions and what others are thinking is essential for relationships. Monkeys, like humans, can recognize and interpret social interactions. Primates use behaviors like playing, grooming, and fighting to determine social rank and gain allies in their group. But how the brain processes social interactions is unknown. Drs. Julia Sliwa and Winrich A. Freiwald…

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