Deepika Padukone

Deepika is the daughter of former badminton Champion Prakash Padukone. She was born in Denmark. Her father, Prakash Padukone, is a retired badminton player of international repute, and her mother Ujjala is a travel agent. Padukone also has a younger sister, Anisha, born on February 2; 1991.She did her schooling from Bangalore. She pursued Modeling…

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5 easy ways to make money fast

Twice a week, Karin Slyker, 40, a married working mother of three in Lubbock, Texas, donates her plasma for extra money. She began in the summer of 2010, receiving a check for her services, and then in March 2011, the plasma center began compensating her with prepaid cards, making it easy for her to track…

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DNA methylation analysis

DNA methylation analysis based on bisulfite conversion Exposing DNA to bisulfite rapidly leads to the deamination of unmethylated cytosines which are converted to 6-sulfonyluracil. At high pH, 6-sulfonyluracil is desulfonated to uracil, which ultimately after amplification will translate into thymidine, while methylated cytosines will not be converted. Comparing this converted DNA to the original unconverted…

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DNA Methods (Oxford)

Leveraging modern DNA assembly techniques for rapid, markerless genome modification Ilya B. Tikh, James C. Samuelson Published: 27 December 2016 …–300 ng of total DNA, at manufacturer’s recommended ratios in a total volume of 10 µl. Sequencing of individual clones generated from each of the HiFi DNA assemblies confirmed a very low error rate. Results are shown in Supplementary Table S2 . Figure 2…

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General Information About Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

KEY POINTS Non-small cell lung cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the lung. There are several types of non-small cell lung cancer. Smoking is the major risk factor for non-small cell lung cancer. Signs of non-small cell lung cancer include a cough that doesn’t go away and…

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