Bionic Movements: Connecting Mind and Machine

When you lose the use of a limb, even the simplest of daily tasks can turn into a challenge. High-tech devices can help restore independence. New technologies are even making it possible to connect the mind to an artificial limb. These artificial limbs are called bionic prosthetic devices. “To get back some of that lost function,…

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B and T Cells Isolation

A serial of protocols for isolation and purification of B cells and T cells. This is a collection of internet based bioprotocols.   B Cell Isolation   Dynal Biotech (Invitrogen) – Dynabeads ( T Cell Isolation Procedure)   Fractionation of T and B Cells Using Magnetic Beads Protocol –   Isolation of Ly-1+/CD5+ B Cells…

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A Guide to Bacteria Preservation 

Bacteria Preservation:  Refrigeration, Freezing and Freeze Drying Between stock cultures, mutant strains, and genetically engineered variants, the number of individual bacterial cultures which any one lab can accumulate can be numerous.  Indeed, the number of variations created in the process of engineering one plasmid can be astounding.  And most labs will hold on to all…

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LAL Endotoxin Assay

Preparing Standards Prepare 1 EU/ml standard Place 0.1 ml of endotoxin stock solution into a 1.7 ml microfuge tube. Add LAL Reagent water. Calculate water addition as follows: ml water = (X-1) / 10 x is equal to the concentration of endotoxin in the stock solution. Vortex vigorously for 1 min 0.5 EU/ ml standard…

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