DAPI and PI Stains

DAPI (nucleic acid stain)


  • 100mM stock – 10mg/285.5ml dH2O


  • Working solution – 300nM (1/333 dilution)


  • Perform DAPI stain after all other labeling/staining.


Add enough DAPI (1/333) to cover sections.


Incubate for 1-5 minutes.


Rinse several times with 1xPBS.  DISCARD WASTE OVER CHARCOAL.


  • View with DAPI filter (358/461nm).



Propidium Iodide (PI, nucleic acid stain)


  1. Incubate sample for 20 min at 37C in 2xSSC+100mg/ml RNase.


  1. Rinse sections 3x for 1 min each in 2xSSC.


  1. Equilibrate sections in 2xSSC.


  1. Dilute PI 1/3000 in 2xSSC. Incubate for 1-5 min.


  1. Rinse several times with 2x SSC.

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