Is Inout / Nesote Blockchain FiatExchanger another Scamming Script?

According to my experience using 13 Inout Scripts, the Inout Scripts are not safe since there are full of injection vulnerabilities, bugs and errors. They will not provide any helpful support once you pay them.

In addition, they can log into your site’s admin area through “back door” without permission.

Be careful of these terrible scammers from Kerala, India.

Remind: the Injection vulnerabilities and Security vulnerabilities with inoutscripts adserver

Inoutscripts Inout Adserver : List of security vulnerabilities – CVE Details…

Security vulnerabilities of Inoutscripts Inout Adserver : List of all related CVE security vulnerabilities. CVSS Scores, vulnerability details and links to full CVE …

What the Inout Scammers said about Blockchain FiatExchanger :

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not regularised in many countries and some countries have specially declared it as illegal. We are a software development company and our Inout Blockchain FiatExchanger is an exchange platform script only and you must in your discretion decide whether you want to allow/enable or not cryptocurrency exchange services for your target customers. Our software is intended to let you run any service related to Cryptocurrencies only in the places/states/countries where it is 100% legally safe and ‘in align with the laws of the state/country’ to operate such a service. We are not responsible/accountable for any kind of use of the script by you (including but not limited to any kind of use of the script for running any illegal services or target a user community/country/state where any such service you offer is illegal or not in align with the laws of such state/country).

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