The Factsheet of Inoutscripts / Nesote

Inoutscripts / Nesote does not have any tech and developers of IT at all.

Inoutscripts / Nesote does not have any scripts that are working properly.

Inoutscripts / Nesote is spammers because they registered dozens of domains and published thousands of similar or same articles.

Inoutscripts / Nesote is dishonest because they never told the truth but lying.

I paid you $200 for Alipay integration, but the Alipay was not working.

I paid you the Queryspace, but this is based outdated PHP 5.4 which not being supported officially. The Inout Celebrities was not working due to PHP 5.4, either.

The Inout Webmail Ultimate and Webmail HT vision could not be used to receive and send emails, even though the Plesk default webmail system is working perfectly.

I paid Inoutscripts $480 to replace Inout Spider with Nutch, but the Nutch was not working.

The Inout Spider was not only not working, but produced a ton of core files (error log) every day and finally caused the server-175 down totally.

I bought APPs, but just got none of them.

The so called web Port was not working.

The Inout shopping cart has 514 bugs (errors and warnings).

The Inout search engine is just a kind of meta tool which has been used to induce customers to purchase.

I paid all the related addons, but just got a few of them, which were not working at all.

The Inout Music was not working.

The Inout Videos was not woring.

The Inout articlebase was not working, and it was even worse than any open source CMS platform.

The Inout Socialtiles was full of bugs, and was not working.

The Adserver has injection vulnerabilities.



Give me a little more time and I will publish all the reviews and posts for all the Inout Scripts, the APPs, and the addons I purchased. I need more time to review all the emails I kept.

All my advanced R820 servers were purchased from Dell, and we have gold support from Dell. My control panels were purchased from Plesk, and they provide tech support, too. Our Internet Infrastructure providers are China Telecom and China Mobile, and they provide tech support and 24×7 monitor. In addition, we have shared hosting from Bluehost and Hostmonster.

Our servers have been working with all non-commercial scripts and commercial scripts, such as sphider-plus, Elastic/Nutch, WordPress, Joomla, PHPLD, well. Only Inout Scripts not only don’t work with our own advanced servers,  but also Bluehost and Hostmonster. The Inout Spider can cuase any kind servers broken down, and the servers will be active once you removed the Inout script.

Inoutscripts is the axis of devil. Inout is a terrorism. It’s my duty to let the world know all the Sins Nesote has made. Jacob and Kumar just published thousands of of scamming articles to induce people to buy these fake softwares. Finally, you took the cash and left us nothing working.


The below lines were from the Inoutscripts / Nesote Liars and Scammers:

This is our final attempt to help you with the scripts, and we tell you below what best you can.

We totally understand it sucks when you are not able to run the scripts as expected. We also don’t want to see our client is not able to run the scripts he licensed from us. Anyway you clearly note that we informed this multiple times that your server’s download connection speed is too slow. So the scripts which require data download to the server can’t work perfectly as your download connection speed is very slow (sometimes down). That is the reason why spider, nutch etc can’t perform optimal. On the contrary you noted that adserver, shopping cart scripts etc loaded perfectly, because it never had any data to be downloaded. Also since your server was in China, various sites the spider/search engine crawling was blocked also.  [About the download speed we are still not sure if you understood this properly. Its not your home connection download speed. The download connection speed of the internet gateway attached to your server]

So we are not, in anyway, feeling any kind of guilty or responsible for the scripts not working in your those servers. Also most of the time you were trying to just blame us and you never really tried to understand things what we were saying.

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