Inout Scripts™ :: Are They World’s Leading Inspired Clone Scripts and Mobile Apps?

I purchased Inout Spider Script ultimate edition for 2950 USD and Inout Search engine v8 together with addons for $1070 18 months ago, but they did not work. They had not get it fixed, so they suggested reinstalling it for another $80. I did not agree, since they just wanted to reinstall it without revision.

Finally, they said they could install Nutch in place of the Inout Spider. The Nesote charged me $480 for the installation Nutch and integration with Inout Scripts search engine v8.

They told me they were working perfect.

To my surprise, the Nutch just had 6 GB sample data and di not increase in the last 4 months. Again, they took the cash and left me nothing working. They said everything was working.

What Indian scammers they are!  They are the world’s leading scamming scripts on earth. These criminal guys are still cheating the customers all over the world.

The phishing scammers are Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya.

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