With Inoutscripts Search Engine: we were all being cheated

I have purchased InOutScripts search engine for my new project and have to say, their support is terrible, their software does not work and I have been scammed once again by people who just take money for nothing. They claim that it uses FREE APIs, NONE OF THE APIS ARE FREE, unless you limit your website users to allow them only 100 Google searches a month and 5000 Bing, Yahoo charges no matter what now. Also, I purchased the translator plugin, this does not work without a paid API.

I also purchased the Google theme but nothing works. They say that they offer free installation, but their lazy staff Rojin P Mani, said rudely “I am too busy to do this, install it yourself!” DISGUSTING!!!

The Google theme is full of errors and when I report these errors Rojin P Mani (who seems to be the only person running the site) said “Sorry I can not get to the office today”.

They have very lazy staff who do not care once you have paid them.

The script will only return results from Google and not Bing.

Amazon does not work. eBay does not work, either.

$872 waste of money! For this price for a script, I think that after 7 days, I should have something that works!!!

AVOID INOUTSCRIPTS AT ALL COSTS, THEY DO NOT CARE AFTER YOU HAVE PAID THEM. For more information, refer to the below link.

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