Some notes of doing business in France

First, to consult lawyer
1.About visa
Can the businessman directly apply for one-year businessman residence permit to prefecture after arriving in France by businessman visa? If so, what kind of qualifications do applicants need to have? What is the difference of Branches and subsidiaries of identity and residence?
2.Which one should be responsible if the staff that our investors employ in China leaves the company without authorization, and illegally resides on France? Investors or staff ? What is the impact on the enterprise?
3.Whether the business permit should be implemented or not? How should Chinese investors apply for the business permit in China? How apply in France? Whether the investors should firstly handle the visa in French Embassy in China, and then apply for the business permit to French prefecture after arriving in France
4. How to avoid infringing the issues of intellectual property rights? Generally speaking, how would businessmen in France be punished when they infringe intellectual property rights or penal?
5. What are the requirements of French government for Jimei to employ local workers? Whether there are the impacts on tax relief or something?
6.What are the language requirements for Chinese employees to work in France? Is the request aimed at the general staff, or persons in charge and senior management?
7. How to sign one-way (or draft) and the undertaking before domestic Administration of Foreign Exchange approving?

Second, to consult Accounting Firm
1.About Fax
What are the sorts and amount when open a new firm? As a renting store, is there any special tax different from other independent management mode?
2.As the subsidiary and branch, regarding the tax and the responsibility aspects, which methods will be better for our invest in French (See page 13 and page 15 of “laws and regulations”)
3. How to deal with the salary of salaried employee in a reasonable way, in China or French? How to masterly avoid the harsh policy in French?
4. What are the amount of Boss tax and Employee tax of Payroll tax?
5. Which tax relief and government subsidy policies we should try to apply for?

Third, to consult government
Whether the foreign investors can enjoy the preferential policy or not?

Forth, to consult Bank
1.What are the conditions and procedures of obtaining the loan.
2.What’s bank procedure of treating with the turnover?

The above is some notes of doing business in France, and investors can consult lawyers, accounting firms, government, banks and other departments for the above questions.

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