Making money without leaving home

“I realised that there were plenty of parents like me wanting the same thing, so I started buying more and began selling them on eBay and my website, discountpartysupplies.”, she said.

“Really, I was just a stay-at-home mother trying to keep busy. I figured if I could earn $50 a week then that would give me some extra cash that would help the family out.”

The business grew like the eyes on kids when they see their birthday present.

Without having borrowed a cent, last year Kristy turned over $380,000, and drew a tidy profit of $115,000 – all generated operating out of her spare bedroom.

She says business is even better this year: “We’re on track to turn over $800,000, which will give us around $250,000 in income.”

While Kristy is working “about 10 hours a day”, she says what’s really important to her is that she’s able to run her business around her family – “and still make lots of money!”

The savvy shopper

Carolina has three young boys – one of which must either be very young or very grumpy, because each time I spoke to her on the phone he was screaming the walls down.

Barefoot: “Have I caught you at a bad time?”

Carolina: “No. Why?”

Just like Kristy, Carolina started her business a few years ago when she was shopping online for her son’s birthday, but couldn’t find what she wanted.

Ironically, she was looking for Spider-Man-themed party supplies.

“I tried to order them from the US but the company wouldn’t ship here,” she explained.

After a few hours of searching, she eventually found a company that would ship to Australia, but it wanted to charge her more than $200 for shipping a $25 purchase!

Sensing she wasn’t the only person who’d run into this problem, she set up her website, Price USA, in 2007.

It’s a simple business: customers fill out an order form on the website indicating what they want (and from where). Then her US-based agents buy the goods, package them up and ship them to the customer’s door.

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