Microsoft testing smart image search for Photos app in Windows 10

Microsoft is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and sort pictures based on different categories like colours, months, and faces. The smart search feature in Photos app for Windows 10 and Mobile is being tested by the company, according to a report in Windows Central.

Microsoft has added a new search bar at the upper right corner of the Photos app, that will let users search for pictures using various keywords. The search bar even suggests items and tags that can be used to look for pictures. For example, it will show thumbnails of people in your albums, or prompt to search using keywords like phone, beer, Bar, and more. Whats makes search faster is that indexing is stored locally, instead of on cloud.

There’s a new slideshow of mini-galleries on top, and new pictures can be quickly saved into a collection via ‘Add to your albums’ section. Microsoft is using facial recognition technology to group different photos of the same person together. The new smart search feature is expected to become available for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in September.

Google recently announced a host of new features for Photos app like Suggested Sharing, Shared Library and Photo Books. Suggested Sharing feature uses machine learning technology to remind users to share photos with their contacts, while Shared Libraries makes it easier to automatically share relevant photos with friends and family.

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