Top ten beauties in ancient China

1. Su Da, she has the charming appearance, but have a sinister cruel heart! She did everything she could to kill herself. Amanda has been framed as chaos, cruel means, “soy Burger” since taking a penalty. King Zhou, by its playing in the palm, shares between five hundred years into the soup the ashes to ashes. All over the world Confidante political chaos, Su Da is the initiator of evil.

2. Bao Shi, she beautiful, crystal clear: her stern manner a rare smile. She is the heroine of the war drama card. She smiled at last, lovely and brilliant. Zhou Youwang also laughed, but he was one of her last laugh, Mount Li corner, the king will always belong to her, also fell ziyishenwang ending. This week the lessons of history for the history of the world. He died a British Lord kimiaki.

3. Xi Shi, ancient beauties, the so-called big four beauties, “Shen Yu reputation, her pure, delicate flowers, orchids like the shy. She was light, dressed in white, as she set three thousand to Scarlett Hibiscus rising out of water, the beauty of A.

4. Zhuo Wenjun, opened the Chinese history, those who dare break through the feudal ethics, love the woman I love, without any criticism
By the police to generations of fire. However, their stories are handed down from generation to generation. She is also blue, be as wise as fair, she broke the resistance, fear of risk. “May the heart of people, together forever” resolutely and Sima Xiang married in private.

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