Wu Xiaoli (Sally Wu)

Wu Xiaoli (Sally Wu)  joined Chinese TV station in 1993, has presided over a number of different styles of the program, famous in the Chinese audience very loud in Southeast asia. In 1996 Chinese Taiwan TV turned Phoenix Chinese Taiwan, Sally Wu more busy, variety and economic programs are hosted by her, and served as the chief executive of Hongkong an interview with Dong Jianhua. In 1997, the return of Hongkong to start program “Blackie Ko” and “the return of Hongkong to fly the Yellow River century reported sowing presided over the work non-stop” –60 hours are responsible for liz.

Phoenix Chinese program innovation, Sally Wu should take responsibility, every Sunday night “Xiaoli see events”, she with many years of experience in journalism, with a sharp angle, clever mind and a deep understanding of the three social modality, sincerity for the audience to offer a new style of current affairs chase, in-depth coverage of special programs. Selection of the programs with a week of major news and the focus of the society as the object, select one or two topics in-depth tracking reports with data decryption, fragments of all aspects of the relevant, to analyze the truth from many angles, let the public know clearly about the event sequence of events.

As I grew older, I grew more and more distressed about my father, not only because of my looks and personality, but also because I did not make up for his lack of son’s regret.

I think I am an a few will listen to his father about his hometown in Zhejiang, when young people talk about the past, although my personality as a boy, and he would debate on world affairs, but I am not a boy, and he has never belonged to the men of men ‘stalk.

Sally Wu has revealed the reception style in the first journalist Zhu Rongji was elected prime minister, after the phoenix rising star behavior concern. In her story, we saw her childhood story which was rarely known to her.

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