Ai Shangzhen–A Chinese Super Model

Ai Shangzhen(艾尚真), a Chinese female artist, was born in Chongqing, China in 1988, graduated from Wuhan University, now lives in Guangdong, china. Ai Shangzhen with beautiful shape and proud of the height of the model industry shine, with China’s first known as the proportion of gold, in the three sides of the Strait and South Korea have a lot of fans. In addition to serve as a model, Ai Shangzhen also hosted a number of areas across, film and music, served as the Hongkong TV host, Hunan TV variety show “bigyong Guan” in the fifth quarter and host South Korea king RAIN Asia Tour Concert guests etc.. Now Airsun has really become a multi habitat development of female artists, in many occasions can see her beautiful figure.

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