5 tricks for spotting a bad boss during a job interview

A job interview isn’t just about what the employer thinks of the applicant. Job applicants have to make sure they feel comfortable with their prospective boss, too.

According to the Harvard Business Review and various studies, the most significant cause of workplace unhappiness isn’t salary or vacation days, it’s having a bad boss.

A bad boss, according to leadership experts, is often unkind, micro-manages employees, is a bad communicator, is absent, doesn’t really seem to care about employees’ well-being or is guilty of all of the above.

In a new CNBC Make It series, “On the Clock,” we encouraged readers to tell us stories of weird, wacky or straight-up strange things they were asked to do at work.

Unsurprisingly, the strangest requests often came from bosses. One woman, for example, was asked by her employer to drive her cat around Los Angeles for hours on end.

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